Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do Emergency Room Nurses have a special health insurance?

All nurses have important jobs, but a nurse assigned in the emergency room apparently faces higher risks than others. All patients coming to the emergency room suffer life-threatening injuries and illnesses. This is the reason emergency room nurses should be able to act quickly and responsibly. If not, most people blame them for a death of someone or worsening of a patient’s illness.

This time, many would ask, is there a special kind of nurse insurance for emergency nurses? Certainly, there is. Working in a high stress environment, and working with patients are certainly risky. Also, using medical equipment may cause injury.  Emergency room nurses will most likely be in riskier cases like dealing with mental health issues with patients and their families, being exposed to bodily fluids which transmit diseases, harming themselves with needle and sharp objects while acting quickly, developing respiratory diseases due to exposure to chemicals and cleaning solutions, and back injuries and strains caused by long night shifts and lifting heavy patients.

With all these, emergency room nurses deserve benefit packages which will accommodate their needs. Most of these ER nurses are offered with competitive and reliable health packages. But hospitals vary from their health insurance plans. Some offer free health insurance for their ER nurses and other hospital staff while others provide it at an affordable rate.

So if you’re looking into the possibility of becoming an emergency room nurse, be sure to ask about the health insurance plans and other benefits provided by the hospital. The human resources department should be able to give you the details and information regarding your queries.

Getting ready for the future: Be Insured

Nurses are the ones who save millions of people every day. Yet, they are the not the mythical superheroes who are exempted from any harm or sickness. Like any other people, they are also vulnerable to unfavorable events. Isn’t it ironic when nurses who take care of people are the ones that are uninsured? Thus, it is significant to acquire nursing insurance.

The most deadly sin for medical practitioners is malpractice. Nursing Service Organization is offering Malpractice Insurance for nurses because doctors are not the only practitioners who get sued for this sin. It is part of NSO’s Professional Liability Insurance.

Although, one is already covered by the employer with this kind of insurance NSO says that it has limitations. The nurse and the employer might have conflicts of interest, too.

In addition, NSO is also offering personal nursing insurance which has the range of coverage from $25,000 up to $100,000 with quarterly rate of $30 to $282.50. Beneficiaries who that are still living is also included with 50 percent coverage plus no increase on individual rate.

Meanwhile, NurseGuard is also offering nursing insurance for malpractice liability wherein the applicant can choose three liabilities to be covered such as: Administrative Hearing, Conformance To Statu, Deposition Fees/Expense, Medical Payments, Good Samaritan Coverage, First Aid Expense and Assault Coverage.

Remember that you hard work for yourself and your family. It is rewarding that by the time you decided to stop rendering your service you will not be worrying about your future finance. You are rest assured that you will be leaving your family a helpful amount of insurance.